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How do we handle thoughts of anxiety, fear and uncertainty? Are we aware of them? Do we allow them to take control? Are we open to ‘jump in’ the unknown?

There was a project at home, which I was committed to tackle. However, I found myself procrastinating for reasons that were unclear to me. I knew that I wanted to initiate the project. However, I did not feel motivated to begin, perhaps, due to a small level of anxiety or uncertainty.

I got tired of allowing the uncertainty get to me. Therefore, I figured that there was only one thing to do … to simply ‘jump in’ the project. So, I rolled up my sleeves and got to work. Yes, initially, the project was a bit bumpy. However, after a while, it moved a lot smoother. As I was finishing the project, I realized that I had allowed my thoughts of uncertainty to take control.

Have a pleasant week.

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