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Listen to your gut

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How much and how often do we listen to our instincts? Are we aware of what our instincts are telling us? Or do we intentionally tune them out?

Some time ago, when I joined a fitness center, I was required to take a fitness test or exam, through the use of a machine. I believe the intention was to give both the trainer and myself a snapshot of where I stood, with respect to my health. The machine results indicated that, among other things, my ‘body age’ is older than the number printed on my driver’s license. I did not think much about this and decided to proceed with my workout.

I was later contacted by the gym to schedule a follow up appointment and perform the test again. I considered doing so, especially as it appeared to be the nominal process. However, after listening to my gut, I declined. I realized that I was in a better position to accurately assess my health, than a machine.

Have a pleasant week.

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