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Do we consider ourselves creative people?  Do we strive to be creative?  Do we associate creativity with something only we did when we were kids?

We try to encourage our kids to play outside, as we feel that it is good all around.  It provides an opportunity for them to run (exercise), enjoy the fresh air, minimize screen time, etc …  So, I was delighted a couple of weekends ago, when my kids, despite the weather, decided to play outside.  They rediscovered “the fort”, a playground equipment that I installed outside with the assistance of friends.

The kids were running in and out of the house to “equip” the fort.  I believe they were transforming it to their “home”.  Sometimes, they would stop and ask if they take an item (e.g. duct tape, basket, blanket, …) from the house and use it outside.  I considered a no response initially.  Then, I thought “What’s more important, the item or my kids’ creativity and imagination?”.  So, I opted for the latter and gave them the green light to proceed.  Not only did they have a blast pretending the fort was their new home, but I’d have to say I also enjoyed witnessing their imagination.

Have a great week.

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