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I would like to share a story from a friend that I thought may interest you …

“I like to exercise at the gym in the early morning. I find that it flows nicely with my schedule and commitments. One night, when we were putting the kids to bed, my son asked if he would see me before he would go to school in the morning. I considered all of the possible responses. I even considered to skip the gym in the morning, so that I may see him. Then, I realized the best answer is honesty. So, I responded with ‘Son, unfortunately, you will not see me in the morning, because I’m going to the gym.’

He asked ‘Why?’.

I said ‘Going to the gym helps me to be a better father to you and a better husband to mom.’

I was pleasantly surprised when he simply smiled and said ‘OK’.”

Hope you enjoyed the story. Have a great week.

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