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Even coaches need coaches

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After taking some time off from updating my blog, I’m back!  I was recently on a retreat with other individuals.  Although the purpose of the retreat was not related to coaching, I did have a coaching ‘take away’.  I met some wonderful people, many of whom were very supportive of each other.  I found myself talking about my coaching practice and some of the challenges.  There was one gentleman in particular who was interested and listened.  He even offered advice and support.  This kind act of generosity made me realize that ‘even coaches need coaches’.

So, if you are a coach or in a ‘helping’ profession, don’t feel as if you must do it on your own.  Take a moment to put your pride aside.  Most people that I have met are willing and often eager to help.  All you need to do is ask.  I encourage you to consider this suggestion.  To your success!

Have an awesome week!

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