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The Cost of Conformity

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From an early age, we’re taught to conform. We’re taught there’s one path for each and every one of us. But, that’s not necessarily the case, right? We conform, either because it’s truly aligned with who we are or because we feel pressured. We assume it is safer and less risky to conform, than to be unique, or in this case, stand out.

So, we bury our authentic selves deep down, ashamed or too weak to show who we truly are. We do this just so that we may be liked and accepted by others. But at what cost?

Are we living in integrity with ourselves? Are we true to ourselves?

From my perspective, life’s too short to live someone else’s life or meet other’s expectations. Assess your life. Are you conforming? How’s it working for you? If it’s benefiting you, keep it going. If not, break free from the weight of conformity, experience liberation and a renewed spirit!

Here’s to you!

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