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Gratitude Photography?

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Gratitude photography? What does it mean? To me, it is the perfect union of 2 of my favorite words!

Gratitude. Whether we’re aware of it or not, there’s abundant beauty in our lives, every day, right under our noses. Take a beautiful crisp Fall morning, a warm sunrise or flowers on a nature walk. It’s there. It depends on whether we believe it exists and also whether we choose to see it.

Photography. The camera, a tool that helps me focus and discipline my mind, heightens my awareness of that beauty. Also, when using my camera, the experience becomes a fun journey of exploration and discovery. When I go out with an open mind and grateful perspective, I am always rewarded with new discoveries. Additionally, I enjoy sharing the images with others, as my way to increase our awareness and gratitude for the gifts we’ve been given.

I’ll leave you with the following thought, which you can use in many aspects of your life. It may require a shift in perspective, but it is attainable.

“Discover the extraordinary in the ordinary”

Here’s to you!

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