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Sometimes we enter a situation with a certain level of expectation.  If the situation does not meet our expectations, we become disappointed, frustrated, lost, confused or defeated.  I currently find myself in this situation.  What I’ve come to realize is this.  Even though we may end up someplace completely different from where we’d thought we’d be, it’s OK.  There’s a reason why we’re there.  It may not be clear to us at that time, but will become evident on its own course.  So, meanwhile, we’d got a couple of choices.  We can continue to be frustrated, confused or lost.  Or, we can realize and recognize where we’ve landed, be thankful that we’ve landed there and trust in the process that all will become clear.  I truly believe we are placed in certain situations (even difficult ones) for a reason.  So, I suggest we ‘let it go’ and trust in the process.

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