Perspective of Hope

Empowering You

What you allow

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Your mind is a sacred place. I believe that only those thoughts, that you allow, are to enter. Not saying its easy but it CAN be done with awareness and discipline. We continuously receive and process communications from people and other sources, in the form of words, texts, emails … you get the picture. Some lift you up. Some may bring you down. Here’s my challenge to you. Become aware of these words. If they align well with your inner compass, you don’t need to do a thing. If they don’t and you see a pattern, you ARE empowered to block those words to enter your precious territory, your sacred place, your mind. Do not believe everything you hear, especially if it’s not true. You know who YOU are. You know your potential. You know you have done it, can do it and will do it again. Believe in yourself. Have confidence. I believe on YOU!

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