Perspective of Hope

Empowering You

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Hope in nature

Today, spend time in nature. Go for a walk. Go on a trail. Leave the phone behind. Disconnect. Become cognizant of the abundant, natural beauty around you. Allow this awareness to be translated as a light of hope in the darkness you’re experiencing. There IS hope. You are meant to shine again. You are being lifted up as we speak. But it starts with your first step today. Seek nature. It is waiting for you. I believe in YOU!


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A drain

Are you carrying unwanted weight? I don’t mean physical weight. I mean thoughts/worries/anxieties/expectations that are occupying space in your mind. These could be a drain and sapping you of your precious energy.
Why carry it around with you? It does not represent the present. It serves no purpose other than compete with what you want to do … what you were put here to do. Let it go. Cut it off. Say goodbye to it. It IS gone. Get ready to start a new and wonderful chapter of your life. I believe in YOU!

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Strive to be truly happy

Strive to be truly happy. I believe we should strive for this, even if our quirkiness may make us stand out a bit. After all, we are pursuing what WE like, not others. The rest will come. Pursue your passion, pursue your dream, invest in you. Each of these is an expression of self love. People resonate to the love that you emit and they will be naturally drawn to you. Here’s where doors of endless possibilities will open for you.

I want you to be truly content. I believe in YOU!

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The significance of baby steps

Whatever you’re struggling with, make a plan. Come up with a strategy. Break it down. Then start with baby steps.
I know what you’re thinking. “This is overwhelming. How am I going to achieve my goal or overcome this massive challenge with baby steps? It’s impossible.”
Here’s my response. Incremental steps, consistently repeated over time, will help you achieve your final goal. The keys are to start and to sustain over an extended period. Think of it as an investment, accruing interest over a long period.
So today, I challenge you to start with your first step, wherever you are. You know deep down which direction you’re headed. Take it. I believe in YOU! You’re meant to live a rich, fulfilling life. Go ahead and take that first step today!

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Rock bottom

Hit rock bottom? Look up. There’s hope. Look around you. Find life in children’s laughter, in nature, in your breath or however you define life.
You may feel stuck but you’re not. Think of it as a temporary phase. A former teacher used to say that life is like stairs. There’s often a pause before we move up. I truly believe this and have experienced it in my own life.
Don’t have the energy to look up? Then ask for help. In prayer. From your friends, family, community and support system.
There IS hope, even where you are right now. I believe in you. I want you to shine. It starts with one baby step. Look up.

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Get out there

Get out of your comfort zone. Stretch yourself. Get out there. Discover. See. Explore. Interact with others. That’s where you’ll uncover the NEW you, the one that’s been eager to come out. Tell the world who YOU truly are. We anxiously await this announcement. You ARE ready. I believe in YOU!

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Break it down

Are your problems / worries / challenges too big to handle? Break them down. I know it’s easier said than done. It requires awareness. Once you’re aware, you can categorize. Categorize based on urgency, what’s in or out of your control, or whatever process works for you. Is it outside your control? Let it go. Start out by going after those whose fix is a low hanging fruit. Once you do that, you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment. Use this energy / momentum to propel you forward and / or help you tackle the larger challenges. One by one, you’ll address these challenges. You may not be able to resolve all of them at once. However, you’ll walk away with a plan / strategy. You’ll feel refreshingly lighter. Also, you’ll restore your sense of hope.

I believe in you. I know you CAN do it! Stay hopeful. Be strong. You are meant to shine and prosper!

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Don’t lose hope

Don’t give up. Don’t lose hope. You’ve come too far. I can see the finish line. Your life is meant to be filled with joy, laughter, love and peace. You can and will have these. Don’t stop. You’re almost there. I’m proud of you.

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Want to receive?

Want to receive? GIVE. Want to feel like you’re making a difference in someone’s life? GIVE. Want to be a positive influence? GIVE.
I recently had the pleasure to speak and give a presentation about project management to a wonderful community of university students. It was an honor. It was moving. It felt as if I was feeding a hunger. I’m thankful because I gained so much. It gave me a pulse on students’ current challenges and questions. I networked with some wonderful people.
So, if you want to receive, give, donate, volunteer or serve. Share your passion, your love, your insight. The world is hungry and eagerly waiting for it.