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Our true North

Our inner compass (e.g. our instinct) is always directing us to our true North. Sometimes, we ignore it or don’t believe it. It keeps sending us signals. If we ignore it completely, the universe helps us align with our true self (sometimes in terms of a setback), as I experienced. I am fortunate to have been enlightened on this by a wise (and awesome yoga instructor), Karen Jaynes.

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What is your gift?

I don’t know about you, but I have given this a lot of thought. I have spent countless hours trying to determine what value I can provide others, how I may serve others, what moves me, what I am passionate about, … Interestingly enough, it is those times, when I experience solitude that I can ‘hear’ my inner voice. I now truly believe that my gifts to the world are:

– to lift up the “fallen”

– that I can see God’s beauty. I want to increase our gratitude by bringing awareness to God’s beauty (e.g. nature) through my photography

What is your gift? What is your passion? Where is your drive? Are you applying it daily? Is it tucked away? What are you waiting for? As my friend and mentor, Lori Tolson, has taught me, the world is eagerly waiting for you to share your passion, your gift, your unique self.

Today is the day for your debut!