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The Light

“At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us.”

Albert Schweitzer

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Fear and love. We all have them. The challenge for some is to manage the anxiety or fear. But how? Here’s a couple of tips that may resonate with you.  
– Spend time in nature. Get grounded. 
– Break a sweat. Exercise. It’s amazing how positive you feel afterwards. 
– Express genuine, unconditional love.
You may have some tips of your own. Practice whatever works for you. Managing the anxiety will give you a “I can” perspective. You can!

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It’s not what you know?

It’s not what you know?  That’s right … it’s who you know.

You can exercise all of the traditional means for finding work, to include posting your resuming online, applying to jobs on company websites and cold calls (even though I don’t know anyone who does this).  Don’t get me wrong.  I believe these work and are effective.  However, from my experience, a referral from a trusted source / colleague is much more effective.  Why?  When they vouch for you, they’ve taken out the guessing game.  By vetting you, they have removed some / all of the risk or uncertainty.  In other words, they are providing the screening process as a free service … one less worry for the hiring manager.

A long time ago, in an effort to help as many people as possible, I used to refer everyone to my network.  Then, one day, I realized that my network placed a high value on my referrals.  Additionally, key decisions were dependent upon my personal recommendations.  I realized that my input meant a lot to them.  I felt that the individuals that I referred needed to meet or exceed my expectations.  I wanted my network to rest comfortably knowing that the referral comes with a seal of approval from a trusted source, me.  So, I became very specific as to whom I referred.  After all, it is my name, my word and my integrity.

In summary, exercise many channels to seek employment.  Don’t forget to reach out to your network / contacts.  They can often give you leads on unadvertised jobs or better yet, get you a phone call or interview with the hiring manager.

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Shall we dance?

So you’re looking for a new job.  You’re about to reach out to your contacts for job leads.  You’re about to engage in a delicate dance of communication.  The dance may go well or not.  It all depends on how you approach it.  The key is to be flexible and adapt, as needed.  Here are some tips that I have found helpful, when reaching out to your network by email.

Make it personal.  Don’t send a bulk email, with a large distro.  Address each person with a separate email.  That way, it’s personal.  Also, it shows that you care … you took the time to write him/her a personally-addressed email.  It goes a long way.  And they’re more likely to read it and respond.

Keep it light.  Do not put all of the detailed information in the first email.  Put out a feeler (for example, “just sending you a note to see how things are going”).  If he/she responds, then keep it positive and tell them that you’re looking for a new opportunity.  If he/she asks for details, be honest and give it to them.  From my experience, some people (not your close friends) see you in a different light if they know you’ve been laid off.  There’s a tangible hesitation to assist you on their part.  I cannot explain this, but I have felt it.

Keep your cool.  Don’t come off as desperate.  Don’t beg.  These may appear as signs of weaknesses and turn people off.  You want to be and appear confident.  People will be drawn to your confidence and more willing to help you.

Be thankful.  Many people forget this.  Your contacts, as yourself, are busy.  They are taking time out of their day to engage with and assist you.  The least you can and should do is to express your gratitude genuinely.

Relationships change.  Understand and accept that a colleague/contact that was previously able to assist you may be unable or even unwilling to do so at a later time.  This is nothing against you personally.  People move on, as do their circles.  We should accept and be thankful what comes our way.  Don’t worry about the rest.