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Invest in you!

I read an article that said we should invest at least 3% of our income in ourselves. I interpret that to mean taking classes, training, self-development, … Personally, I decided to invest in my health, by joining a health club. I want to ensure that I can continue to physically support myself and my family for many years to come. Also, I want to be a good role model for our children. I know that I am more content and health conscious, when I exercise. I realize that my investment goals may change. For now, I am really enjoying my weekly exercise routine.

I would encourage you to also invest in yourself. If exercise is not your thing or a priority at this point in your life, that’s OK. Determine what is and invest in that.

I feel that by investing in yourself, you will experience:

– a more balanced life
– more energy to propel you forward
– a continued desire to reinvest in one of your greatest assets, YOU!